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Frequently asked questions

  • What's the affiliate program about?

    If you become an affiliate, you can earn money if you promote our platform on your blog and website.

  • How much money can I earn?

    When a user lands on our platform with your affiliate_id parameter, if the user is converted to a paid user, depending on it's plan value, you can earn:

    Subscription type Profit earned
    Monthly paid subscription 80 % of 1 month
    of subscription value, after one month + trial period ends (which is 14 days)
    Yearly paid subscription 80% of 3 months
    of yearly subscription value, after 3 months + trial period ends (which is 14 days)
  • How it works?

    You Sign In or sign up in your affiliate dashboard page. There, you will get an URL parameter called affiliate_id.

    We setup together a convenient payment method for you, from the Affiliate Dashboard

    You redirect users to our website url with the affiliate_id parameter.

    In the Affiliate dashboard, you can obtain reporting and insights with the users and subscriptions created via your recommendation.

    We pay you, based on the results generated by our affiliation, on a fixed interval or fixed amount of money

  • I have another question or problem which is not located in this FAQ. What do I do?

    Just fill in our Contact and Support form or approach us on chat, and we will help you asap